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The greenhouse and nursery are open through to Saturday, August 1st.
Summer Hours: 10-3 Monday-Saturday.
Summer Sale: 25% off purchases at or over $250

Thanks go out to our gracious clientele that have continued their support over the years and to new customers that have found their way out. It is always a pleasure to be around happy people who love to be around plants, enjoy gardening, and share my enthuasium for both.

Availability List Shrubs Availability List Perennials

After closing the retail shop, I will offer delivery along with planting assistance @$25 per hour for purchases over $250 that include shrubs and perennials I have remaining in stock. To schedule an appointment to view plants available for purchase and or my planting after August 1st, please email me. I will continue to update and post the Availability List Pages.

Garden and landscape projects are a continuous effort to develop and improve our outdoor living spaces. Before and after pictures are a way of remembering the event.

Colorscapes Greenhouse and Nursery
Marvel Clyde-Owner