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Colorscapes will open for the 2015 season on March 30th.
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ssidegh 2013 nsidegh Feb 22 2013
I came accross some saved pics taken two years ago, almost to the day. Wow! What a strange winter we're having. I'm spending some time in the gardens though, so I won't complain. With no snow on the ground, I've also been watering some sunny area gardens and trees. The provided moisture will hold the cold night-time temps and slow bud break.

The Elko Garden Club will meet at noon, Friday March 6th, at the Elko County Library. The meeting will feature a program by club president, Valree Hellwinkle, on composting. A half-hour video on composting will be presented. Gardeners know and appreciate the value of garden and kitchen waste that can be easily converted into garden compost. I have a Forest City Yimby Tumble Composter from to convert kitchen waste into garden compost trough spring, summer, and fall. Affordable at $99 with free shipping. I will be hosting the meeting along with club treasurer, Stacy Mecham and we hope you'll consider attending the meeting as our guest. Snacks and beverages will be served. Hope to see you there.


Colorscapes Greenhouse and Nursery specializes in garden and landscape plants for Northern Nevada and has been proudly serving Elko, Spring Creek, Winnemucca, Carlin, Wells, and all points in between since 1991. Although we are not a mail-order greenhouse, we know that many experienced, new to the area, and just getting started gardeners like to come out with a list of possibilities. Our Availability List Pages provide pictures and cultural information about the plants we plan to offer; annuals will be posted in March. Thanks go out to our gracious clientele that have continued their support over the years. We also saw lots of new faces and hope that you too will be back to shop next season. It is always a pleasure to be around happy, smiling people who love to be around plants, enjoy gardening, and share my enthuasium for both.

Driveway expansion project.

Display area walkway project.

Garden rejuvenation.

Garden and landscape projects are a continuous effort to develop and improve our outdoor living spaces. Before and after pictures are a way of remembering the event. Start with a plan, even for those weekend projects, and keep at it to the finish. Basically, any advice I can share about developing a landscape is on our Marvel's Corner Page.
Our long-term goals continue to be:
  • To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
  • To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.

    Colorscapes Greenhouse and Nursery
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